About Us – Meet the Therapist

Meet the Therapist & Owner – Danielle Navin
Danielle Navin, LMT
Certified Advanced Cupping Therapist
Karuna® Reiki Master
Owner – Equilibre Massage, LLC
Owner – Equilibre Natural Therapeutics, LLC
Co-Owner Equilibre Med Spa, LLC

As humans we carry emotions in our muscles. Danielle’s passion is to bring a healing balance to your mind, body, & spirit by deepening your healing experience.

Danielle specializes in musculo-tendonal re-education (MTR). MTR is kinesiotherapy. Blending postural analysis, structural integration with Traditional Chinese Medicine (five elements) methods for clients with acute and chronic pain. The deep tissue point work used in MTR allows the client to release and relax both the muscles and emotions. Danielle is very detailed in her work hitting most trigger points often missed.

Danielle has been practicing massage therapy for more than 10 years. During this time she has spent countless hours of continued education. Learning many different modalities to help her mindfully blend each session. Danielle’s favorite modality to blend with MTR is cupping (fire & contemporary). She also practices Thai Yoga Bodywork, cranio-sacral & myofascial release, and lymphatic drainage.

Danielle has an associate’s degree in massage therapy. She is a Karuna Reiki Master. As a healer she has an intrinsic touch and an eclectic background of experiences. Danielle works with individuals who’ve suffered from injuries & trauma to a variety of athletes, who skill level range from recreational to professional.

Danielle will create a sacred space to allow emotional release from the muscles. She creates a mind-body connection, allowing you to release the pain of what no longer serves you. Come deepen your healing experience.


Meet the Co-Owner – Regina Grover
Regina Grover, ARNP
Co-Owner Equilibre Med Spa
IV Drip Therapy

Regina Grover is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and administrators IV drip therapy at Equilibre Med Spa.



Meet the therapist – Danielle Polumbus

Danielle Polumbus is our squirrel 🐿️ loving massage therapist. Often called Polumbo because we have three Danielle’s here!

Meet the Therapist - Danielle Polumbus, LMT
Danielle Polumbus, LMT

Polumbo has been practicing massage for around 13 years. She’s is passionate about the healing arts, natural therapies, and a lover of knowledge. She loves to share that knowledge in her sessions to help you maximize your healing experience outside of your treatment.

With an abundance of continuing education classes that she’s taken over the years, she also loves independently studying the healing arts in every capacity.

Danielle is a graduate of The Bio-Chi Institute of Massage Therapy and is a native of Sgt Bluff. She has practiced in the Siouxland area her whole career. In her free time she loves staying active. Along with turning her backyard into a squirrel sanctuary.

She is constantly furthering her career with massage technique, Nutritional Esthetics and Oncology to bring you the absolute best.

Polumbo has an intrinsic touch and you’ll leave each session like you’ve experienced one of the most magical deepened healing experiences.


Meet the esthetician – Tabitha Moyer

As a young girl, Tabitha knew she wanted to work in this industry, so when the timing was right,  she jumped in head first. Now,  almost 16 years later, there is nothing she is more passionate about then skin and all things spa.  

Licensed in 3 states and holding multiple licenses in skin, nails, tattoo, and instructors, Tabitha is a master in her skill set. 

Her specialties are sensitive, mature and acneic skin. She offers a wide variety of services including her favorite 90 minute and 60 minute facials, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, micro and nanoneedling, full body waxing, lash lift and tints and microblading for brows.  

Each spa experience with Tabitha is customized for your specific skin needs and no two services are alike. Come deepen your healing experience.


MEET the Therapist – Lindsy Bottger
Lindsy Bottger, LMT

Everything starts with connection. Your mind, body, and spirit are connected. The entire universe is all connected through energy. Relationships start with connection. Lindsy really does her best to create a safe space to connect with her clients.

She specializes in a more corrective bodywork style blending deep tissue, trigger point, qi gong, and energy work to bring your chronic issues as much immediate relief as possible. Much of her work has developed in a clinical setting and with the knowledge she has accrued, she will work to coach her clients through recovery and retraining, to discover options that may help on their healing journey.

Lindsy brings her experiences as a Qi Gong Practitioner into a blend with MTR (musculo-tendonal re-education) and traditional Swedish, using more focus and intent so that her clients and experience relief in a non-invasive manner.

She has experience working all body types from children to athletes.
Lindsy started her journey in the healing arts in 1999, and has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008. She is a Siouxland native and a graduate of the Bio-Chi Institute of Massage Therapy. She enjoys the performing arts, and loves sharing life with her partner and their family. 


MEET the Therapist/Practitioner – ALISA KNUTSON
Alisa Knutson, RN
TYB-1, RYT-200

Shvaas (breathe) 
We are all healers. I believe that we ourselves hold the ability to heal our physical bodies. We hold so much energy, and that energy whether positive or negative is stored in our tissues, our bones, and our joints. On occasion, we need assistance in moving that energy out of those spaces or we get stuck. We may feel heavy,  weighed down by trauma or fear. That is where energy workers, body workers, therapists and healers are needed. This type of work I believe is necessary, it helps ground us to the world around us, and to what is truly most important. It connects us to each other and to our Universe. We can heal ourselves, but together we can heal so much more. -Alisa